ola's exotic African Coffee and Teaola's exotic African Coffee and Tea

Ola’s Exotic CORONA Coffee


Ola’s Corona Coffee is low-acidic, organic, AAA African Coffee infused with Organic African Bitter- Leaf known as VERNONIA AMYGADLENA AND MORINGA OLEIFERA

Ola’s Corona Coffee is Ola’s Exotic AAA Coffee infused with Bitter leaf Vernonia Amygdalina rich in Andrographolide)and Moringa Oleifera that may be used as a dietary supplement to treat or prevent Corona Virus and many other diseases. Bitter-Leaf and Moringa has been used for Centuries in Africa to prevent and cure many diseases such as: Fever, Cancer, Diabetics, arthritis and reduction of Cholesterol by Boosting HDL

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Weight 12 oz


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