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Ola's Exotic African Coffee & Tea Exotic Organic Low Acidic African Coffee

Ola’s Exotic Coffee specializes in premium wild African coffees and teas, from the fertile mountains and lakes of the continent where all coffee originates. This rich environment allows our beans to have superior flavor, and still contain a low acid content. Pampered in lush volcanic soil with the ideal nexus of climate and growing conditions, our wild African beans surpass any bean from around the world, both in taste and appearance.

While achieving high quality, our beans also produce a higher yield of coffee, up to twice the amount. Our beans benefit from special attention at every level. Our farmers emphasize care, quality, and organic farming. Our secret roasting process unlocks the quality of our beans, providing one of the many reasons why our coffee has been consistently ranked with the best coffee in the world.

We bring the coffee directly to you, from our roaster, sealed in nitrogen bags for freshness. We focus on organic farming and single origin coffee; no blending with inferior beans whatsoever. Ola’s Exotic Coffee takes great pride in our fair trade policy. We specialize in shade-grown farming without clear cutting, thus creating a homeostasis with the natural environment. This is our promise; from our farms to you, with no one in between.

ola's exotic African Coffee and Tea
Ola's Exotic African Coffee is the only coffee that can withstand a dark roast without any breakages or burned beans. You can taste the origin from every cup. You will definitely be Olagized!!!