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​OLA’s was founded in Silicon Valley in 2004 led by Dr. Ola Robert Hassan. Together with scientist friends, Dr. Ola went to all coffee growing regions around the globe to study the genetic makeup of coffees and why coffees are so acidic. What I found and created through process, soil, harvesting and growing is no to low acidic coffees from Africa with premium grade selections. african coffee, organic teas, Red TEA (rooibos tea).

Ola’s Exotic African Coffee and Tea specializes in growing and importing only premium AA and AAA organic and Fair Trade wild African coffees and Teas, from the fertile mountains and lakes of the continent where all coffees originate. This rich environment allows our beans to have superior flavor, and still contain a no to low acid content. Pampered in lush volcanic soil with the ideal nexus of climate and growing conditions, our wild African beans surpass any bean from around the world, both in taste and appearance. While Achieving quality, our coffee also produce higher yield; this allows our coffee to have up to twice the yield of other coffees. OLA’s Exotic African Coffee is packaged as 100% Arabica coffee from the country on the label. Ola’s Coffee benefits from special attention at every level. Our farmers emphasize care, quality and Organic farming. Ola’s Single Origin Coffees includes: Tanzania AAA, Zimbabwe AAA, Organic Rwanda/Maraba AA, Organic Uganda Bugisu AA, Organic Cameroon AA, Burundi AA, Kenya AA, Organic Fair Trade Ethiopia AA, Organic Fair Trade Sidamo AA, Organic F/T Yirgacheffe AA, Emperor’s Coffee (Organic Fair-Trade Harar, Ola’s Exotic African Espresso Blend AAA, and Ola’s African Swiss Water Decaf.

Do you know why people put Milk and Sugar in their coffee today, It is not about Coffee, it is about breaking down the acidity in the coffee. This is not to be confused with the acidity that makes coffee vibrant and flavorful. Welcome to the Olagized!!! World of Ola’s Exotic African Coffee and Teas. We want to get you Happy Olagized!!!


Dr. Ola Hassan through spirituality, research, clinical trials, and years of thorough learning from his African Ancestors, World Traditional Herbalist is taking Ola’s Exotic African Herbal coffee to a new horizon by helping and contributing to healthy living for all mankind. Why don’t you scroll through our offering below and select the one that is best for your dietary supplement?  Get Olagized!!! And Stay Olagized! Join me in the belief that Herbs are the prima energy and vital force that sustained life and health of Mankind.​

Ola's Exotic Herbal Coffee line

We are currently roasting with our secret roasting formula in California (Milpitas, Emeryville, San Francisco and Oakland.

We bring the coffee to you from organic farming, single origin, 100% Arabica, no blending with inferior beans whatsoever. Ola’s takes pride in fair-trade policy and shade grown-farming without clear cutting, thus creating a homeostasis with the natural environment.

Speaking of Teas, OLA’S offers the finest African, Japanese, Chinese, India, Ceylon and Herbal teas from the most famous tea gardens of the world.  Our teas are certified organically grown and are from traditional gardens that have been growing tea in harmony with nature for hundreds of years.  Our line of 12 teas includes: Black Tea, Green Tea, Rooibos Tea, Herbal Tea and Chai Tea.