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Ola's Exotic Coffee is specialized as a variety of African controlled and well-harvested coffee from the fertile mountains and lakes of the African continent.

ola's exotic African Coffee and Tea

Our selected wild African coffees rival or surpass any Arabica or Robusta coffee beans around the world both in taste and appearance. Ola’s Exotic Coffee beans are from Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and other West and South African countries.

The secret of success in African coffee beans is a combination of climate, growing conditions, farmers’ care and an emphasis on quality wet processing and drying to produce quality “mild” arabicas. Red ripe coffee beans are cherry picked and pulped on the same day to be fermented in special tanks for 48 hours followed by bean washing. Drying begins immediately to stop re-fermentation and done careful and meticulous as anywhere in the world.

The coffee beans are roasted in a controlled temperature environment in California to a dark aromatic perfection to satisfy the taste buds of coffee lover around the world. The roasted beans are package in nitrogen sealed bags to give them “everlasting” freshness.

In addition to the coffee, Ola’s will be offering its own line of special coffee mugs, T-shirts, caps, phone cards and branded credit cards as well as a resort hotel on the African continent.

Ola’s Exotic Coffee brings you only the finest African Ultra-Premium coffees, herbal teas, and espresso available – “Authentic Wild African Coffee Beans” and “Authentic African Teas”!

Your Non-Profit organization can realize a high return fundraising and feel good that your group, for your fundraising program, is selling only the highest quality low-acid coffee product and herbal teas available.

Ola’s Exotic Coffee will be simply the best cup of coffee or tea that you have ever tried!

Ola’s Exotic Coffee offers high return rate to the not-for-profit organization to maximize your fundraising efforts. Your efforts will return the maximum amount to your fundraising program to meet your fundraising goals quicker than you thought possible.

High Return to your Non-Profit:

Other fundraising programs return only a small fraction of sales revenues back to the non-profit organization. Ola’s offers a very high ~90% return to the fundraising organization on the sales of coffee by the bag. Each 12 Oz bags sells for $19.99. You will buy the bag at $11.50 wholesale price and your return for your non profit organization makes $9.50. To help you reach your fund raising goals, we will train you because many Churches and other non-profit organization have used this medium to reach their non-profit fund raising goals.

If your group or organization has a large craft sale or other function such as a sporting event (soccer, football, or basketball games, etc.) you can make even more profits by brewing the coffee and selling it by the cup! (Not to mention you should have bags for sale when you serve the coffee brewed as many will want to buy the excellent coffee they are drinking).

Priced as a real bargain:

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No large capital expenditure up-front by your non-profit organization:

Most not-for-profit organizations use the coffee brochure and price list to pre-sell coffee by taking orders from your donors and collecting for the coffee in advance. You may choose to buy a small quantity of coffee to offer as samples or sales at group functions – that choice is yours and you still buy at the wholesale price of $7.50 per bag.

Fast Delivery:

Ola’s coffee will deliver the pre-sold coffee bags to arrive COD at your organization in less than 5 business days after receiving your order. On orders exceeding $500, 2-day freight will be free! You can deliver coffee orders to the donors within less than two weeks total (if your group takes a week to deliver from your organization to the donors). Rush delivery is also available for even quicker delivery times for the holidays.

NOT a Blend Coffee – 100% Authentic African Coffee beans!

If you check Starbucks, Peaberry, Peet’s, and other so-called Premium Coffees – they are a blend – often stating on the back label (although not required to by law, so not always stated) – “not less than 10% ( or 20%) African Beans”. The remainder is filled with much less expensive Columbian and/or Mexican Arabica Coffee Beans.


Ola’s Exotic Coffee is directly imported from small farm growers which allow us to control the entire coffee picking, fermentation, and roasting process. Only the best red ripe coffee “cherriesy” are selected. Ola’s Coffee exclusive contract requires that the red cherries be pulped the same day they are picked, then fermented for 48 hours in special tanks, followed by immediate bean wet processing. After processing, the (now green) coffee beans are shipped by our own importers directly to California. Ola’s performs incoming quality inspection and only the highest quality ripe fermented beans are roasted to our unique temperature-controlled profile for your enjoyment.

This quality process eliminates 30-40% of the acid in normal coffee. Ola’s Exotic Coffee contracts direct with the small farm growers, which assures that they receive top dollar for their most premium coffee beans (no middle man to pay) at what equals or betters a FAIR MARKET wage.

Certified Organic

All African “small farm” coffees are organically grown with natural fertilizers (they can not afford the expensive chemical fertilizers like the giant plantation growers). Ola’s Exotic Coffee Ethiopian AA Organic coffee is CERTIFIED by the Certified agency to be 100% organically grown. Look for the organic certification number on our label, which assures that you are buying only the best Ultra-Premium organic coffee! You haven’t tasted coffee until your lips and pallet have tasted Ola’s Exotic Coffee – it is simply the best cup of coffee you will ever have.

About Ola’s Exotic Coffee:

Ola’s Exotic Coffee offers a variety of coffee from the fertile high mountain and lake regions of Africa. The rich volcanic soils and high mountain climates make the best growing conditions for premium coffee. Ola’s Exotic Coffee selects only the best quality wild African coffee beans that will compete with the highest grades of premium Arabica and Robusta beans from any part of the globe. The secret of the African Ultra-Premium coffee is a combination of wet climate, perfect growing conditions, soils of volcanic nature, this combined with the meticulous care of smaller farm operators that pick the red ripe cherries by hand at only the perfect point ripeness. Ola’s exclusive contracts with these caring farmers insistence that wet processing of the red ripe cherries should start immediately after picking for 48 hours to produce the mildest and lowest acid Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

The processed (now green) coffee beans are then imported directly by Ola’s Exotic Coffee. They undergo our stringent quality control and only the highest quality beans are then moved to climate control roasting in our California roasting facility. This process assures you of only the best-tasting, low-acid, ultra-premium coffee! Ola’s Exotic Coffee offers “Authentic Wild African Coffee Beans” that originate from Kenya (Kenya AA), Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe AAA), Uganda (Uganda Bugisu AA), Ethiopia (Ethiopia AA Organic), and Tanzania (Tanzania AAA), Ola’s also offers a 100% African Espresso blend and Swiss Water Process Decaf coffee.

About Swiss Water Decaf:

Ola’s Exotic Coffee offers only Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee for Low-Acid Decaf! Many Gastro doctors recommend only water process decaf for their patients that drink coffee, as it is the only low-acid process available. Decaffeinated coffee is processed in only three countries in the world. Mexico and Germany both use the European acid wash method to decaffeinate coffee – although this process is less expensive, it adds acid to the coffee. Only the Swiss have patented the Swiss Water Decaffeinating Process that adds no acid to Ola’s already low-acid coffee to create only the smoothest, mildest, and lowest acid decaf available anywhere in the globe!

About Ola’s Teas:

Ola’s Exotic Coffee also imports the finest African teas available in five categories: Rooibos, Green , Black, Herbal, Chai. One exclusive to Ola’s known as “The Emperors Tea” Hongzhou, served only to the Emperor of China. Ola’s teas are individually wrapped in silk tea bags.

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the largest countries in Africa, with an area of over 1.3 Million square miles. Settled agriculture began in Ethiopia 2000 years ago. Since these historical times coffee Arabica has been grown in the wild forests of the southwestern and western highlands of Kaffa and Buno. The soils in these regions are of volcanic origin and very high in the nutrients needed to grow the best tasting coffee. Ethiopia produces several different types of coffee such as: Limu – known for its spicy fruity flavor, Harar – known for its full body, and Yirgacheffee – known for its delicate fine flavor. Ola’s coffee blends a special mixture of all three for its Ethiopian Organic AA coffee. The Ethiopian government also offers local coffee farmers the only organic certification/inspection program in East Africa.